The sailing community is a very open but tight-knit group willing to share any advice or adventure through online B.Bs. Technology on rigging & electronics are rapidly growing day by day.It's important to keep up you don"t want to purchase yesterdays technology for tomorows cat. Another good source of information is
It"s a good investment and gives a great ideas of what to expect from production cats. It also gives ideas of interior layout and if you find yourself stuck home in a snowstorm it"s a good motivational mood changer to keep your goal alive.
Catamarans have been around for many years but older american models proved not very seaworthy. Slowing the growth in the UNITED STATES. The last 8 to 10 years cat builders from FRANCE & the U.K. have introduced the cataraman as a sound, fast, roomy sailing vessel. Privilege, Fountaine Pajot & Prout to name the most popular pretty much dominate the production cat market. The use of exotic woods on the interior, large overhead, transportation, and the franc make the price and maintnance very expensive.
. Our search first began by traveling to Florida. Most cats in the U.S. are in the Flordia area. We decided to go in Feb. making it also a good winter break and the Strictly Sail show is in the same month. If you decide to go check the itinary, the multihull symposium is usualy in the first days of the show and is not repeated. This is where we set our goal to be in a cat in 5 years
If you plan to look at any used cats and plan to use a broker. Call for appointments before you leave.Remember brokers get commision. There are also cats for sale in the classifieds in all boating magazines. A great paper is (SOUNDINGS) it doesn't matter what region you buy for the classifieds are national.
Looking at many new cats we realized to buy one we would either have to sell the house or the business to pay for it. Not a very sound idea. The business creates income and the house gives us a place to live while we work at the business.
WE then looked at used cats. Talking to many brokers we found that unlike a car,any damage or repair a boat has recieved does't have to be listed or even mentioned when the boat is sold. Example, we spoke to a broker in Annapolis who set up an apointment to see a cat in Flordia. While at the sail show we spoke to a Flordia broker who informed us that this particular cat hit a concrete dock and seperated her hulls the year prior and this was the reason for her sale. If you plan to buy a used cat, be sure to hire a surveyor. A good surveyor can determine if a boat has been repaired and if so correctly. Most repairs can't be seen by the naked eye. The other problem with buying used besides buying someone else's problem is devaluation of used cats. If its a real old cat it probably has bottomed out or has a slow or non-exiestent devaluation. A cat only a few years old may loose value at a steady rate but if you have to sell quickly be prepared to take a big hit in the wallet. Mabey ten, twenty or even thirty thousand in a years time.
The final part of new or used is financing. The intrest is usualy reasonable but the term of the note is usualy to short. I can't see giving a bank alot of my hard earned dollars. So that I can have instant gratification of owning a boat today.