KSS Miami Build

These are photos of the construction of an 18 ft. hull using the KSS build style.

I'm sorry I don't have photos of the table layout but I will explain a little of how it went.
After the table was constructed. Derek set the lines from a print with resin release tape. A layer of biaxial was laid out and cut to fit. The foam core was also cut to spec.
The table was covered with mold release. A layer of gelcoat was applied from the top line of the hull to the water line on the table and allowed to set up. The cloth was then placed on the table and wetted out and one side of the foam panels were coated with resin.
The foam was placed wet side down on the glass and the whole panel was covered with a poly cover sealed down with parcel tape.
A shop vac was hooked up to the bag and the air was removed. When the resin kicked to a gel. The bag was removed and the the second layer of glass was applied.
Remeber the tape placed on the table was transfered from the plans. This will be transfered to the panel when it is removed


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